What Is a Poker Range?


During a poker game, the goal of the players is to make the best five-card poker hand possible. This can be achieved by either betting or laying down cards. The player who makes the best hand wins the game. In Texas Hold’Em, there are 10 basic ways to win. The first three are called straights, while the rest are called flushes, straight flushes, and royal flushes.

A poker range is a shorthand for describing the range of hands that a player can hold. Ranges are influenced by opponent action, where the table sits, and whether a player is aggressive or passive. There are several different types of ranges, including visual and percentage. A visual range is a list of hands that are played, while a percentage range is a list of hands that are selected. Both ranges can be used verbally and can be exported into poker software.

An ante is a small bet, usually $1 or $5, that a player makes before the hand begins. The player can choose to call, raise, or fold. If he raises, he must match the amount of the ante, or pay the ante. If he folds, he has the option of betting again. In poker, a “pass” is a choice that a player makes when he has a bad hand.

A poker player may have a lot of hands in his range, but may be aggressive or passive. When he’s passive, he’ll use different hands than when he’s aggressive. A loose player will likely be aggressive, but may fold to bluffs. A loose player may also have a lot of hands in his range, because he’s used to playing many hands in a row. Likewise, a sophisticated player may be aggressive, but may also be willing to bluff in several streets.

When a poker player is at the table, he or she will jot down their range strand. This is a list of all hands in a particular range. The strand is usually a string of text, but can be discussed verbally. In a poker forum, players can share their strands and discuss them.

A poker range may also be referred to as a “poker strand.” Several players may have the same hand, but the rank of a card often breaks ties. If two people have the same hand, the person with the higher card wins. The highest card is an Ace. The king and the queen are the next cards in descending order. This means that the player with an Ace, King, Queen, and Jack wins.

Several poker players will use different hands, such as pocket pairs, when they’re aggressive. A poker player who has pocket pairs will select them above all pocket jacks. A player who has a pair of jacks and a queen will select the pocket queens above all pocket kings. Similarly, a player who has a pair of kings and a jack will select the pocket kings above all pocket jacks.